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Solaris Tea

Organic tea box

Organic tea box

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Enjoy some delicious tea from award-winning, Galway based Tea-blenders, Solaris Botanicals and feel the health benefits from your chosen blend. All these teas are certified organic, hand-blended and sustainably packaged.  These tea boxes allow you to enjoy all the benefits of whole leaf tea in the convenience of a 100% bio-degradable silken tea bag (each box contains 15 tea bags). Choose from the following blends;

Ginger zest: This revitalising blend is spicy and aromatic with warming Cinnamon and Ginger, combined perfectly with sweet Elder Flower and Liquorice Root. These herbs are commonly used to invigorate and warm the body and mind.

Lemon harmony: A refreshing tea with Lemongrass, Fennel & Nettle with no caffeine. 
Beverages with no caffeine are associated with many benefits, such as improved sleep, less anxiety and a better mood. 

Chun Mee Green Tea: Celebrated as one of the finest green teas in China, this Organic Chun Mee Green Tea has a soft, almost fruity aroma, with a sweet aftertone. The perfect cup of tea to kick start your metabolism and keep you feeling refreshed throughout the day. 

Berry fruity: This organic infusion is a refreshingly zesty combination of whole Blueberries, Hibiscus and Orange Peel creating a sweet, exhilarating, healthy blend that is naturally caffeine free with no added artificial aromas or flavours. 

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