A bit about Us

Green Dot is a hub for beautiful, ethically-made Irish Craft and Design, based in the vibrant town of Clonakilty, west Cork. In October 2021, we also became home to quite probably,  the best eco-toy shop in Munster (well, we think so anyway ;). 

Our in-house Craft Studio is the home of Little Green Dot and other creative projects and we also commission and collaborate with other Makers to create unique pieces. Our shop stocks the work of over 70 Irish-based Designer-Makers and a main focus is on promoting well-made, unique, handcrafted work from all over the country (and especially Cork) as well as supporting the genuine people behind it.  

The amount of time, skill and hard graft (as well as the odd tear) that goes into this kind of craftsmanship in our towns, cities and countryside is truly remarkable in Ireland.  These Makers' stories and work are something to be cherished and valued, both in itself and for the extra colour and sustainability it adds to our community. This kind of work also ties in very much with our eco-friendly, socially aware ethos where everyone is treated fairly in the production of these beautiful gifts and we act in an eco-friendly and sustainable way when we can.

The shop and space is owned and curated by Lisa Tonge, (a former community development worker to self taught crafter/maker) and has developed from a small, home based, baby gift craft business 'Little Green Dot' during maternity leave in 2013 to something much more (and who knows where it will end up). Little Green Dot and the craft studio is still part of our everyday work here and we make even more things in-house now, in-between serving our wonderful customers and working with brilliant Makers. It is a busy happy place!! 

We feel very privileged to be part of this and to work and interact with creative and interesting people and be surrounded by beautiful, well thought-through things every day.