Our in-house Craft Studio

Our craft studio at Green Dot is full of beautiful fabrics, several sewing machines and lots of different projects on the go at the same time. The team here; Lisa, Claudia and Faye, not only enjoy working with and talking about beautiful Irish-made design but they are also very creative and skilled Makers in their own right. 

Green Dot Irish Design Makers Craft Studio & Shop 

Claudia is a skilled tailor and also brings organisation,  a great eye for what works and a sense of calm to this little place. Faye has an always positive attitude, is a professional dancer and has her own bunting business on the go 'Bunting by Faye'. Lisa is a former community-worker turned self-taught crafter and is the one trying to hold everything together (some days more successfully than others). 

In our studio here, we make Little Green Dot baby gifts, Little Hound Dog Neckerchiefs and lots of other creative projects throughout the year. We love to collaborate with other Makers too and use their skills with some very interesting results.  We are a very friendly bunch so do pop in for a chat and a browse if you are in the area!!



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