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The Green Dot

Irish Pub Playing Cards

Irish Pub Playing Cards

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This unique deck of playing cards celebrating Cork's most iconic pubs is more than just a playful addition to your card games; it's an exciting journey through Cork's vibrant pub culture. Each card in the deck unfolds its own tale and preserves its own memory, offering a glimpse into the character and allure of Cork's cherished pubs.

As you shuffle the deck and deal out the cards, you'll embark on a journey across Cork, exploring its diverse neighbourhoods. Every card captures the essence of each pub with detailed illustrations that highlight their distinctive traits, accompanied by the pub's address for those eager to pay a visit.

From inception to completion, crafting the entire deck with all 54 illustrations involves about three months research, illustration, and design.

  • 54 cards
  • 54 illustrations
  • Poker size
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