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Binabo bio-plastic construction strips 60 pieces

Binabo bio-plastic construction strips 60 pieces

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One small element that makes anything possible: Binabo is a construction toy that is composed of flat, organic chips made of wood and sugar (a clever, carbon-neutral bio-plastic made from the leftovers after sugarcane is harvested-it can also be recycled too). These chips can be plugged together to create three-dimensional figures. The fun starts with the construction of your toy, after which you can play any game you want with it. You can create magical figures, animals, or buildings, and, because the biomaterial that it is made of is so flexible and elastic, you can also make a football, volleyball or juggling ball. The pieces are very compact, so that when you have finished playing with them, you can put them away easily and also easily take them on trips. 

Suitable for age 4 plus

These clever chips come in a 60 piece box or a 24 piece compostable bag. 

Made in Germany by the clever people at TicToys. Spiel Gut play value award winner

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