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Janni Bars

Athena Shampoo Bar by Janni Bars

Athena Shampoo Bar by Janni Bars

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Athena, the greek goddess of wisdom, lends her name to this glorious bar from eco-conscious Maker, Janni.

Packed with Shea Butter and Pink Clay but also Raspberry Seed oil you are in for a mild but effective cleansing wash, that restores hair and promoted shine. Raspberry seed oil is also great for heal and protect from daily damage including sun damage. Scented with Pink Grapefruit and Lemon it gives a citrus yet sweet and fun scent. Great for people with curls or coarse hair, stabilizes moisture so great for the whole range from dry to oily hair.  

This is a vegan product. 

Weight: 75 g (preventing approx. 2 plastic bottles from being produced)

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