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Benoit Nicol is the man behind Dublin based, The Nature of Things.


A love for travel and nature built on his natural curiosity growing up in the west of France and led to finding out about natural extracts and oils and the huge benefits these can bring to our lives. 

For over 20 years, Benoit worked with some of the best producers in New York and France and really developed his skills for what works and the need for quality at all stages. Tied in with this is a respect for the planet and an appreciation of the need to act sustainably in all we do. 

In 2017,  The Nature of Things was launched from its base in Dublin with the goal to bring all of Benoit's knowledge and experience together (as well as the farmers, the distillers, the ‘noses’, the scientists and the creatives) to celebrate essential oils and the benefits they bring.

Their beautiful sustainable design and fragrances have added a whole new element to our little shop and we're chuffed to have them on board here. 


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