Collection: 'New Leaf' Eco Gift-Boxes

We are so happy with this new project-our 'New Leaf' Gift Boxes.

We love putting together and sending your thoughtful giftboxes and they were a real ray of sunshine through the Lockdowns. But, all the virgin cardboard and waste didn't sit right with us.

So, (after a lot of research and trial and error), our 'New Leaf' boxes took shape. The cardboard is repurposed from waste cardboard (in Dublin by an Irish company) , the belly band is recycled, the tissue and internal bits are all recycled/recyclable and the wood wool can be composted or used as bedding for little creatures ie rabbits, hamsters :)

We have 4 main designs and 2 festive Christmassy ones so there will surely be one for any occasion. The boxes themselves are not printed or stamped so they can be easily reused. 

PLEASE NOTE: We have two sizes of repurposed giftbox and we will choose the one that fits your products best. If your items are very small and do not need a larger box, we will use a smaller box made of recyclable cardboard as we feel this is the best use of the materials available. 


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