Collection: Le Toy Van

Le Toy Van is a family business that was founded in Surrey, England by Georges Le Van and now also run by his son, Stephen Le Van in 1995. They make beautiful wooden toys that will last and allow children to create their own worlds of play. The toys are all tested to the highest standard and are CE (and child) approved.  

They have a strong focus on sustainability in their business, mainly using rubber wood (a by-product of the rubber industry which would otherwise be burned) and some FSC certified woods. They are also involved in reforesting programmes and are transitioning to completely plastic-free products and packaging (they aim to be completely plastic free by 2023). 

Their toys are all made in their 3 factories in Indonesia and China. These have been approved by the ICTI Ethical Toy Programme Certification. The ICTI Ethical Toy Programme Certification requires factories to uphold standards to support the rights and well-being of factory workers. The certification covers a range of areas including audit process, business ethics, representation, safety, wages and working hours to ensure high, fair standards are met across the board.