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Nature Planet

Sea Turtle plush toy (made from recycled plastic)

Sea Turtle plush toy (made from recycled plastic)

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This super soft Sea Turtle plush toy is sure to be a winner (and made from recycled plastic bottles so kind to the planet too). 

The ever-popular soft plush toy is a firm favourite with people, young and old. Most of these are unfortunately made from synthetic fabrics ie plastic. We are so happy to stock these beautiful plush toys from Danish company, The Nature Planet. Their RE-PET range is 100% made of recycled plastic bottles. Everything from the inside stuffing to the outside design, is made of recycled plastic without compromizing the design or feel of the plush. Although they are made in China (so still have quite a few travel miles on them), we still feel that its a good compromise as children (and adults) will always want these beautiful soft toys. 

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