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The 'Vitamin Variety' Grow Kit

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Give yourself a natural boost of vitamins and vitality with a little help from a handful of healthy and quick growing super seeds and you’ll notice the difference to the way you look and feel.  The Vitamin Variety Kit is perfect if you want to liven up your home cooking, come up with delicious and nutritious new recipes, or sprinkle a little extra health and wellness into your day. Denis and the NuFields team have developed this kit with the materials and instructions for your own microgreen windowsill-garden and you can start enjoying your homegrown harvest in as little as 7 to 10 days. 

What is a Microgreen:

'Microgreen' is the term used for a juvenile edible plant. Lying between sprout and baby leaf growth stages, microgreens are harvested just as the first true leaf begins to emerge between the seed leaves. Microgreens are used as colourful and flavourful garnishes in fine dining restaurants, but growing microgreens benefits your health (superfoods), the environment, and is incredibly easy and rewarding to do yourself (its a bit hit with the kids too)

Every seed is organic and sustainably sourced.  The seeds will grow in environmentally friendly 'coco coir' which is a by-product from coconuts and often goes to waste. The NuFields team have also carefully chosen eco-friendly packaging and quality materials in order to be as sustainable as possible.  

The Seeds:

Broccoli, Rocket, Radish Mix, Pak Choi, Pea, Mustard, Pink Kale, and Cress

    What’s in the Box

    • Detailed instructions
    • 2 sets of professional standard growing trays for growing two crops at a time
    • 8 of our certified organic microgreen seed varieties
    • 8 x 1 litre bricks of organic coco coir growing medium – enough for 8 crops
    • A glass spray bottle for misting


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    The 'Vitamin Variety' Grow Kit