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Slatted Wooden Soap dish

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Product Details

Each soap dish has been crafted from a solid piece of wood and then sanded smooth and finished. Because wood is a natural material each dish has its own unique color and grain pattern.

These soap dishes were designed and handmade by myself in my workshop in West Cork.

The soap dishes are made from a locally sourced cedar tree that grew here in West Cork. 

Cedar as a wood is naturally rot resistant which helps to ensure a long lasting product, it also has a very distinctive fragrance.

The soap dishes feature a lot of cuts on both the top and bottom of each dish. 
Each cut is a little deeper than half the thickness of the wood. The cuts crisscross each other, on the top they go the length of the soap dish, and on the bottom, they go across the dish. As a result, lots of small drainage holes are formed to allow the water to drain away

The finish is danish oil which helps to seal the wood and add a further level of protection to the dish.

Measurements approx
Height 2 - 2.5cm (1in)
Length 11.5cm (4 5/8in).
Width 7.5cm (3in).

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Slatted Wooden Soap dish