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Positivity Candle

Positivity Candle

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This is more than just a beautiful soy wax candle! This candle has added Cocoa butter and Golden Jojoba oil which also makes it a perfect hand lotion, just scoop a little out and it will melt in your hand like a lotion bar, or better again for a luxurious skin treatment, light the candle and melt the wax and use as a hot oil massage, it’s gloriously moisturising!

Other kin and Body benefits include:

Promotes clarify, radiance and smoothness to the skin
Maintains hydration and regulates oil production
Stimulates the strength and resilience of the immune system + eliminates airborne bacteria
Relieve period discomfort (rub balm/oil directly on belly)
Boosts libido 

120 ml amber glass jar

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