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Hollowed Wooden Soap dish

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Product Details

These soap dishes were designed and handmade by myself in my workshop in West Cork.

Each one is cut from a solid piece of wood so there are no joins for water to get trapped in, and then sanded smooth and finished. Each soap dish has its own distinctive grain pattern so no two are necessarily going to be the same.

The soap dishes are made from Elm-wood.. The wood is resistant to decay when permanently wet, hollowed trunks were widely used as water pipes during the medieval period in Europe.

The dishes feature a tray like recess which is approximately 10cm by 6cm (3 7/8in by 2 1/4in) in size, holes in the base allow for water to drain away while the two raised ridges allow the soap to dry and last longer.

The raised sides made sure your soap doesn't slide off even if the dish is on a slightly inclined surface. The dish is raised on four little feet, one in each corner, to help water run away and keep your soap and the soap dish off a damp surface.

The finish is danish oil which helps to seal the wood pores and add a further level of protection to the dish.

To help care for your soap dish;
These are real wooden soap dishes. When cleaning, rinse and dry. Wood cleaning and polishing products are highly recommended. Do not use harsh abrasives like bleach.

Measurements approx
Height 2 - 2.5cm (1in)
Length 11.5cm (4 5/8in) outside, 10cm (3 7/8in) inside measurement.
Width 7.5cm (3in) outside, 6cm (2 1/4in) inside measurement.

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Hollowed Wooden Soap dish