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Little Red

Lip balm Chocolate & Orange by Little Red

Lip balm Chocolate & Orange by Little Red

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Who could resist this warming, sensuous combination? We use pure Cacao Essential Oil, containing components like anandimide, a molecule that the brain needs to feel blissful and happy, and tryptophan, famous for relaxing the nervous system and boosting mood. The scent of Cacao Oil relaxes the body and mind. Cacao is also a love potion oil! The natural oil derived from the cacao seed, contains healthy omega-6 fatty acids for a healthy dose of anti-inflammatory, skin-soothing rejuvenation. We’ve added some stress-busting sweet orange oil, so that you & your lips will be totally blissed out…

 This pocket rocket produces the most luscious lips! Made with organic rosehip oil, calendula-infused olive oil, unbleached beeswax, carrageen moss & mountain spring water, our lip balms have wonderful hydrating, restorative & protective properties.

Certified organic.

10ml tin.

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