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Helen Faulkner Ceramics

Ceramic Mug

Ceramic Mug

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This smaller sized mug from Helen Faulkner Ceramics is a perfect size for a tea or coffee in the morning - whether you call it a tea cup or a coffee mug this is a mug to be used. The simple curved shape is perfect to wrap your hands round a comforting cup. The gently sloping curve is just enough to be comfortable to drink from but not too flared that your tea is stone cold in minutes!

Small mug for tea and coffee, handmade glazed terracotta, soft turquoise glaze, dishwasher safe.

H- 8.25 cm W- 8.5 cm
Holds 225ml

Each piece in the collection is made with a warm toasty terracotta clay which is left exposed at the base to contrast beautifully with the smooth turquoise glaze that has lovely variations as it moves down the pot and highlights the lines and edges of the pieces.

Every piece is made by Helen in her studio in Belfast so small differences in size and glaze finish is normal and makes your piece unique.

Suitable for use in the oven and dishwasher but not recommended for the microwave as the dark clay heats up very quickly.
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