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Turquoise 'New leaf' eco-gift box

Turquoise 'New leaf' eco-gift box

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This gift box is one of our brilliant 'new leaf' gift boxes - a beautiful, eco-friendly and guilt free wrapping for your special gift. 

The cardboard in the box itself is repurposed from waste cardboard (in Dublin by an Irish company) , the belly band is recycled, the tissue and internal bits are all recycled/recyclable and the wood wool can be composted or used as bedding for little creatures ie rabbits, hamsters :) The boxes themselves are not printed or stamped so they can be easily reused. 

Choose this with one of our gift boxes or simply add this to your cart with the items you choose and we'll put it all together for you. 

PLEASE NOTE: We have two sizes of repurposed giftbox and we will choose the one that fits your products best. If your items are very small and do not need a larger box, we will use a smaller box made of recyclable cardboard as we feel this is the best use of the materials available. 

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