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Karo Art

Bandit/Superhero Sheep ceramic travel mug /Keep cup

Bandit/Superhero Sheep ceramic travel mug /Keep cup

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These very cool bandit/superhero ceramic keep cups are from the wonderful Dublin based KaroArt Ceramics. 

All animals are hand-painted and hand-sketched, so each is a true individual.
Cups are made of high quality, pure white, slightly translucent porcelain clay.

Cups measure approx. 350 ml which is one of the most popular takeaway sizes and hold a regular size coffee from your favourite cafe.
Each cup comes with charcoal silicone lid (food grade approved) and sleeve. All components are dishwasher safe. It is not necessary to remove the sleeve every time you wash your cup, it is very tight and can be left on the cup most of the time. To ensure a good, leak free seal on the cup make sure both the outside of the cup lip and the lid itself are dry assembling the cup.

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